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Dear Springleaf Parents,

We hope your summer is going well.  Attached please find the newsletter for the 2018-2019 school year. We are very grateful to the teachers for their hard work and high-quality teaching. In our annual newsletter, we’ll present the teaching achievements of the year to you.

Please enjoy the selected students’ Chinese essays. Although there are some grammatical errors and typos in their Chinese writing which may still have traces of the English format, you can see the impact of Chinese culture on the students through the essays. The diversity of culture fostered in the classroom provides students with greater perspective and global mindset. Chinese stories, poems and prose have played a significant role in nurturing children's literary imaginations and improving children's literary appreciation.

Aesthetic education is an indispensable part of a child’s growth process. The art class not only let the children build hand-eye coordination, but also cultivates children's ability to observe things, imagine and be creative. The children's art works will bring you great joys and pleasant surprises. Please appreciate the children's art works and enjoy.

We have added an English writing class this year. English writing is often a subject that some children find difficult to handle. This English writing class has helped the students increase their reading capacity. The more practice students are given, the more comfortable they will become with English writing. The students in this class have written many essays this school year. Due to limited space in the newsletter, we can only showcase their shorter SAT test mock essays, though they have also written long-form pieces in the class.

Although there is no work from the math class that can be presented to parents, the children have done a lot of math exercises and proofs in the classroom. This is the mathematical proof from the last class of the school year in Teacher Chen’s class.

Ms. Yang’s SAT math class has helped many students achieve good scores in the SAT and ACT exams. Of course, the exam is not the most important. What is important is to improve the students’ mathematical thinking and comprehensive analysis ability. Especially with today’s rapid development of science and technology, we need to consider how we can best prepare our children to meet with the challenges of Big Data and ever increasing advancements of science and technology.

Whether it is our formative math programming in foundations like geometry or preparation classes for exams, the math classes offered at our school will help your child learn math with greater confidence.

In the fall, we are planning to offer the SAT II math course. We intend to pre-register the class and see how many students are interested in this class. If there is a certain number of students signing up for the class, we will schedule to offer this class.  If you are interested in signing up for this class, please email us at your earliest convenience.

It is a great honor to make an announcement that Professor Meiru Liu will take charge of English writing class and guide our school's teaching activities. Dr. Liu was a graduate student of Professor Zhang Daozhen (张道真) who was an English Grammar magnate. She had experience of teaching for a TOEFL preparation program while studying at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Dr. Liu has been teaching at PSU for three decades and served our community for many years. In the new school year, we are going to integrate English grammar and critical reading into English writing class under the guidance of Professor Liu. We hope by doing this, the class will cover more elements of English learning to enhance the comprehensive level of English language of our students.

Lastly, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the parents of Springleaf for your support over the past school year. We hope that we will often receive your feedback and input in the new school year. 

Springleaf Chinese School

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